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zoogma concert review

Zoogma @ Boulder, CO – Concert Review


After years of relentless touring across the Southeast, Midwest, and East Coast, electronic rock four-piece Zoogma brought their high-energy show to the west coast for the first time this spring. Playing shows from LA up to Portland, with California scene zoogma concert reviewveteran Mochipet, the band offered a teaser of what is going to be a slew of west coast performances at festivals throughout the summer. For most Midwestern bands, the trip home after a west coast tour isn’t complete without a run of gigs on Colorado’s front range. Zoogma hit Salt Lake City on the way to Boulder, Colorado where fans were treated to a powerful, tour-closing show.

Starting off the night was Turkuaz, a ten-piece funk band from Brooklyn, NY. In town for a two-night run at Cervantes for 4/20 weekend, they warmed up the early birds who trekked through over a foot of fresh show to The Fox Theater. Up next, with a more electronic approach to dance-inducing tunes, was local trio DYNOHUNTER. Easily compared to a Pretty Lights meets Big Gigantic ensemble, the group played a long set loaded with fun samples and saxophone solos.

Zoogma’s “Elevated”

zoogma concert reviewZoogma kicked off their set by throwing their hard rocking spin on Rusko’s “Everyday”, followed by one of their most recognizable grooves “Primary Colors”. They powered through improvised transitions with ease and played with a level of precision that they’ve honed from years of touring together. Teasing at a new LP (more details coming soon), fans were treated to a few new tracks including “War and Other Natural Disasters,” “Classified,” and “Landing Gear”. There were also some timely new samples integrated into the show, including bits from Kendrick Lamar’s “Drink”, a remix of Ellie Goulding’s “Starry Eyed,” and some hometown flavor with Three Six Mafia. The crowd’s excitement peaked with an electrified cover/jam of the theme from Ghostbusters, which they seem to treat fans to when they feel like getting their improv on.

zoogma concert reviewThese guys are a force to be reckoned with and fans across the country are taking notice. They are on nearly every major festival line-up from coast to coast, including Wakarusa, Camp Bisco, Camp Barefoot, Electric Forest, Summer Camp, SCI’s Hornings Hideout event, and more. Keep an eye ou   t for their new LP, listen to their tunes on Archive or Bandcamp, and catch them at a festival this summer.

Written by Meghan Bender

OurVinyl | Senior Writer

Everyday (Rusko remix)
War and Other Natural Disasters
Jerry Diesel
Starry Eyed>
Landing Gear