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Zach Sobiech’s “Clouds”

Song Of The Day

Zach Sobiech passed away two days ago, on May 20th, 2013. He was just 18. He had Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer in young people that eventually spread to his lungs. He was told he had months to live in 2012 – and in that time he wrote “Clouds”, a song about what he was going through and his wonderful viewpoint on his approaching departure from this plane of existence we call life.

Zach and his friends wanted to see “Clouds” hit a million views before he passed, it currently has over 4 million views on Youtube.

This song is a reminder that we all will eventually face the fate that Zach did, he was just aware of his timetable in a way most of us aren’t. But his utter positivity in the face of this, his contagious love of life – which can be heard so clearly in this tune – is a lesson we cannot learn too much.

It also is a powerful reminder of the power of music, of a song, and how important this form of expression is to the human experience.

Rest in peace Zach. And thank you, thank you very much.

(To learn more about Zach and his story you can watch this video as well)