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yuna live your life

Yuna: Live Your Life

Song Of The Day

Artist: Yuna
Song: “Live Your Life”
Album: Yuna

FADER Label, perhaps best known for their 2010 production of the most recent Matt and Kim album, Sidewalks, is teasing us with the first single off of Yuna’s soon to be released self-titled debut.

“Live Your Life” follows the steady rhythm of hand-drumming and hi-hat taps, as vocalist Yuna whispers pretty little rhymes about the wonder of life and how nice it is to simply pay attention. As if lost in the mid-day stroll of the singer herself, the song flows continuously along this river, as listeners fall into a lull of mystic relaxation and contemplation.

Grab a cup of tea and check out “Live Your Life,” and then keep an eye out for Yuna’s full length, Yuna, coming your way March 15th.

Written by Dean Goranites

Live Your Life by Yuna Music