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Yonderboi’s “Road Movie”

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Growing up for a brief time in post-Soviet Hungary, I managed to expose myself to this little eastern bloc gem. László Fogarasi, better known by his stage name; Yonderboi, moved from his remote Hungarian village of Mernye to the capitol; Budapest, at age 18. The following year in 2000, he dropped his debut album Shallow but Profound, on which this track was discoveredSome like to call it Trip-hop, some call it electronica. It has even been labeled; chill-wave music. The influences are as unique as the origins of the artist. They vary from, but are not limited to down tempo trip-hop, Soviet cartoon and sci-fi movie samples, to French bar-jazz from the 60s.

This track in particular is an emotional and melodic trip to be played for an audio aesthetic journey on a lazy Sunday (or Monday) afternoon. As the influences are so varied and subtle, it is hard to compare this to anything in particular. However, as a personal recommendation, I suggest listening to the album in its entirety while reading something along the lines of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. 

If your interest has still not been sparked, I’ll have you know that Yonderboi is a Silver Cross awardee, one of the highest decorations in Hungary for exceptional contribution to the Hungarian culture, in other words, he’s got a killer resume. So go on, give it a listen.

Written by Alex Van Kuyk

OurVinyl | Contributor