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Wolfgang Gartner’s “Undertaker”

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is in honor of day 1 of the North Coast Music Festival, it is Wolfgang Gartner’s “Undertaker”. OurVinyl is honored to covered North Coast and partake in “Summer’s Last Stand”, even though we here in the midwest hope summer sticks around a little longer, even if the music festivals won’t. Wolfgang will take to the stage tonight at 7:30pm in Chicago’s Union Park. Wolfgang here gives us an untzy good time with a song that really builds and broods. Always conscious of the importance of change and fluidity to electronic music, there are some interesting undertones and segues in this track, but he always brings it back to that one scathing riff/hook. Yeah it might be slightly over the top and almost a little overtly fist-pumpy, but hey it’s the Friday before Labor Day, we are celebrating summer, ourselves, and 3 days away from school or work.

Happy Friday everyone, get your weekend started proper with some party music.