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Wilson Pickett’s “I’m In Love”

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I bet those three magical words, when put together, turned your day brighter than the sun itself, dear reader. And no one sang them better than Wilson Pickett, one of soul’s mightiest voices.

Written by Bobby Womack in the 1960’s, Pickett made it a top ten single in 1968 and subsequent versions by Aretha Franklin, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers and many other artists have kept the song alive for almost half a century.

Pickett’s version has something special, though. The way he howls the lyrics, especially during live shows, transmits a mix between love, sorrow, pain and longing for a feeling such as love: it sounds as if it felt just as bad as it feels good. Who is cold hearted enough to not agree with this?

So, if you are under the spell of a special someone (like this writer, whose current dreamed lady turns one year older today), don’t just keep it or say it to yourself: roar it out loud to the world along with Wilson

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer



Wilson Pickett’s “I’m In Love”