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Wilco: “Art of Almost”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Wilco
Song: “Art of Almost”
Album: The Whole Love

A few weeks ago, Wilco released their most recent studio album, The Whole Love. With their 8th album, and first on their own label dBpm, the band manages to blend together many of the styles and themes from previous albums into one concise package. Jeff Tweedy and co. still find plenty of room to explore as we can see with the opening track “The Art of Almost,” which immediately takes us into a 7-minute sonic voyage.

What starts off as a more structured track in which each instrument carefully reveals itself, eventually winds up as an example of controlled chaos riding the tail of some experimental guitar riffs. It’s very refreshing to see a band that has been around for over 15 years continue to explore new terrain and this track has already become a heavy hitter on the live tour that Wilco is currently embarked on.

Written by Jesse Zryb