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White Lies

White Lies’ “There Goes Our Love Again”

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It is always a delight to the ear and history whenever a band carries the torch lighted up by other bands. But it is always better when that torch has a brand new fire of its own: this happened to me the first I heard White Lies’ Joy Division-ish sound through the likes of their single Death.

Yes, they sound a lot like Interpol and long gone Ian Curtis’ band, but it had something else lying around, here and there in between notes. And now, half a decade after I first heard the wall shaking bass lines from Death, the Englishmen are back and strong with a brand new third album, Big TV, along with an up-tempo yet sand yet feet stomping yet depressing yet uplifting single: There Goes Our Love Again (hell, even the title would look ideal on an emo kid’s black school book).

Sounding like the best of the dark days of pop during the eighties, some quiet yet really distorted guitar strums and an echoed howl of desperation in the mix, There Goes Our Love Again lifts this writer’s hope up for what could be a great milestone in White Lies‘ catalogue.

Let’s get all depressed while dancing happily as we listen to this, shall we?

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

OurVinyl | Senior Writer



White Lies’ “There Goes Our Love Again”