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When the Rock Stars Align | A review of Foxy Shazam’s new album

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Heading to Lollapalooza this summer and want to experience a band you’ve never seen before?  Are you having trouble deciding which band to see?  Worry no longer, Foxy Shazam has made your decision for you.  The Cincinnati, Ohio based band released its self-titled third studio album back in April and has been making progress up the charts ever since.

The band uses Eric Sean Nally’s high-pitched vocals to channel their inner Queen, more specifically Freddie Mercury.  On the song Connect they show their versatility by creating a beat backed by a gospel chorus that the King of Pop himself would have tipped his fedora too.  Foxy’s uplifting single Oh Lord is comparatively theatric to My Chemical Romance, merged with another gospel chorus that will make any listener feel a little bit better about the scary world we live in today.

Foxy does a wonderful job of utilizing the entire band’s talents on this album.  It is almost reminiscent of when the Beatles discovered that a group doesn’t have to be tied down to the lead/rhythm guitar, drum, and bass guitar setup.  Foxy explores the musical gauntlet by letting the piano play significant roles in songs such as Wanna-be Angel and Bye Bye Symphony and then letting dirty burlesque horns take over and be the driving force behind The Only Way To My Heart Is… The band goes as far as using the rhythm of barking dogs as the basis of the beat for Intro-Bombs Away.

Nothing seems to be too out there for this group.  Taking a more in-depth listen reveals Some Kind of Love actually sounding like Meatloaf’s Paradise By The Dashboard Lights v. 2.0.  The theatrics, probably intentionally over the top, mix amazingly with Nally’s vocals.  Nally also seems to exhibit raw energy that feeds off the band behind him, which only adds to overall listener’s experience.

Check out their tour. Plan on seeing these guys and expect nothing short of pulling out all the stops for their commercial debut!

By Mitch Inkrott