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Ween’s “The Mollusk”

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Artist: Ween
Song: “The Mollusk”
Album: The Mollusk

Ween has been at it for a long, long, time now, and their fans just keep growing. Dean and Gene Ween, Aliases of Mickey Melchiondo and Aaron Freeman, respectively, represent the core of the group, making music together since 1984. Since then, they’ve created quite the eclectic mix of music, spanning over 10 studio albums, and rock a memorable live show which has attained cult-like status among fans over the last 20 years.

The Mollusk was a “concept album” in the loosest meaning of the term, as Dean and Gene wrote and recorded the song near a view of the ocean, and putting a large nautical emphasis on the LP as a whole. Here, in the track sharing the same name of the album, Ween has painted a fantasy landscape where a young boy finds a beautiful treasure while scouring the beach. Don’t take it as a summary of the album, though — Ween is well known for their large variance of styles between tracks on any album they’ve released.

Written by Dean Goranites