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The Weeks – An Interview

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It was day 2 at New Orleans’ Voodoo Experience and contacting Mississippi born The Weeks proved to be an impossible online task, but luck is a teasing bitch. There, next to the press tent and a few hours after their show, I spotted drummer Cain Barnes and tour manager Jeremy McMillan.

Using my prettiest index finger, I used the old creepy ‘come here’ sign on them for a further approach. With a few begging phrases and my Latin smile, a probable interview would be held by 4 p.m. at the very same spot and the boys stood by their word.

There, one of my favorite discoveries through OurVinyl TV was taking a break between interviews on the shape of aforementioned Cain Barnes, keyboardist Alex Collier, bassist Damien Bone, singer Cyle Barnes and guitarist Sam Williams along with McMillan and serious looking Chris Sunday. A reminder of our old endeavors with the guys which resulted in a trio of songs recorded by our crew became the green card for this Mexican writer to have a one on five – that sounds nasty – with the guys.

Guys, this is the first big show right after one of your trips overseas playing with Kings of Leon in Europe. How does it feel to be back home?

We played over there a lot throughout the last year, with the record coming out a few months ago and being a part of many festivals here and there. It’s been great, actually, since we get to see our crowds getting bigger every time and more people singing our songs along live. It’s been an insane experience.

The Weeks’ “Brother in the Night”

Through your career, the band has jumped from a small label to being independent to know being a part of a strong new label such as Serpents and Snakes. How different are things know with a team of business men and artists looking after you than being on your own?

It is definitely a big change, a better change. We don’t have to worry about a lot of things now, we just have to get there and play our hearts out. Before, we needed to look for hotels, traveling money, record distribution, promotion, see if we could make ends meet. We are able to focus more on our music and playing these days, with the chance to see a lot of places and meet a lot of different musicians down the road.

IMG_2927A recurring theme in The Weeks’ music has always been family, brotherhood, your hometown, Mississippi. What or who do you miss the most while you are on the road?

Well, not much, since now we can afford to take them along with us as we go out on tour! And if we get to travel for a show abroad, we are back home after a few days and out we go again. We take good company with us and Cain and Cyle are twin brothers, so they never get away from family.

Your most recent record, ‘Dead Bo Jackson’, came out this year. How has the audience reacted to it?

Like we said, we’ve seen more and more people reacting positively to it: singing songs from the record at our shows in different countries, even songs that haven’t been released as singles or along with a video. We are enjoying the whole thing and it’s nice to see it spreading since it came out.

Your latest single and video was just released, King Sized Death Bed. With a story involving a mattress salesman, a good looking lady, a small concert inside a bar and vampires: where did all of these come from?

The original idea was to try to make a video that look like an old B-movie. You know, those cheap made and awfully acted films. We wanted to make a horror themed one and the whole process was easier for us and a lot of fun as well. We just had to play in front of the extras and help out with the casting process, on which we found a good cast with Chris Crofton and Nikki Lane as the main characters. We had a great time acting as vampires sucking blood at the end of it.

Five questions and a quick photo session later, the whole thing was done. Mr. Sunday and the guys were sweet enough to hand this writer a couple of souvenirs and stories to tell the grandchildren after a great conversation. The Weeks are back on tour this early January and their mixture of country, hip-hop and rock n’ roll is one of those impossible to forget and a kick-to-the-nuts to miss this year. Tracks like ‘Steamboat’, ‘The House We Grew Up In’, ‘Brother In The Night’ and ‘Buttons’ or our very own session at OurVinyl TV might convince you to catch them up while you can.

Written & Photographed by

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer & Photographer