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wake owl gold

Wake Owl’s “Gold”

Song Of The Day

Sometime there is a song that stop you dead in your track, accompanied with lyrics that grab you from the bottom of your gut and make you feel, well, alive. Wake Owl’s “Gold” does just that. It creeps into your psyche slowly in the first minute, before it builds up. Then the drums kick in, and then you find yourself full immersed in it. It is one of those songs that can remove you from where ever you are whatever you are doing, and haunts you.

It’s the perfect mixer of poetic lyrics, string arrangements, and Colyn Cameron’s vocal are soft yet confident. The emotion that is put into not only “Gold” but the “Wild Country” EP is right up there with the the first listen of Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Years Ago”

Take a listen and track down their ‘Wild Country’ Ep, it will not disappoint.

Wake Owl’s Gold