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Wake Owl’s “Gold” (Noah Hyde / Magic Sword Remix)

Song Of The Day

Today’s song is a remix of Wake Owl‘s first single, “Gold” by Noah Hyde / Magic Sword. The original song is off of Wake Owl’s debut EP Wild Country. It’s interesting because they took an indie Americana song, with western undertones, and translated it into a progressive house track with a thick heartbeat. But it works out well, especially when they create space for the non-chorus lyrics. It takes the essentials from the song, but remixes it into different intentions.

Plus it’s just a good song for a Memorial Day Sunday, in that it’s calm and relaxed, but also amped up a bit – perfect for a Sunday with no work/school the next day.

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone in the US!

Wake Owl’s “Gold” (Noah Hyde / Magic Sword Remix)