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Voices of eXtreme’s LP ‘Break The Silence’

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Hard rock enthusiasts, this record will make your day. This New York band delivers some stellar music with their sophomore album that is guaranteed to please any fan of the heavier sounds. ‘Break The Silence’ lives up to its title with 10 tracks that border on hard rock and metal, blending the melodic character of the former with ferociousness of the latter. It is one loud record, and a great one, too.

V.O.X. debuted in 2006 with the album ‘Hypocrite’, produced by Dan Spitz of Anthrax. Soon the band got the opportunity to share the stage with acts like Godsmack, Disturbed and Alice in Chains, among many others. Their second album, ‘Break The Silence’, first hit the stores in 2010 and was recorded with guitarist David Mercado. Co-managed by Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) and David Swales, the group is now releasing the record on Metalville.

The album opens with Damned. This song makes a lot of impact with intense instrumentation and vocals to match. Between the strong bass line, energetic drums and backing of the piano, it is definitely a track you want to play loud to get the most out of. Staying with more intense tracks for a second, Apocalypse is the key song to check out. It is arguably the best one on the album, and there is a lot happening here with the wild guitars and punching drums just blasting out of the speakers. It’s a great headbanging tune, loud, energetic, heavy and melodic all at once.

When V.O.X. turn to ballads, they keep them heavy with tough guitar sounds, so the songs are far from quiet. Tell Me What It Takes is quite lyrical, but gets more powerful in the chorus. Again one of the more notable songs, the rich instrumentation and contrasting dynamic make it an interesting and enjoyable song. Break The Silence, the title track, is another good ballad. It’s quite melodic and calm in parts, but the heavy guitars add a lot of energy that doesn’t let the listener off the hook. The slower songs are also a chance for singer Don Chaffin to show a different aspect to his vocal abilities, and with great results.

The record turns a little more heavy in its second half, particularly with the cluster of three more energetic songs. The first one is Numb which picks up the pace of the record. It’s another good headbanging track, fast, sharp and with lots of attitude. Numb is followed by Did It Again, which has a slightly slower tempo, but turns decidedly heavier with the low riffs. Then there’s Hollow, which is quite dark with the distinct guitar leads and screaming vocals. Towards the end the album slows down the pace, but doesn’t lighten the tone. Sorry, the closing number, is again intense instrumentally with dramatic vocals – a combination that ends the record with a blast.

‘Break The Silence’ is definitely an album to be checked out by hard rock fans everywhere. It remains heavy and loud throughout, has some great arrangements and vocals, and is interesting from start to finish. Do familiarize yourself with this record if you’re after some good rocking tunes, in-your-face heavy sounds and lots of attitude. ‘Break The Silence’? This album does just that.

V.O.X. is: Don Chaffin (vocals), Nick Gertsson (guitar), Rob Katrikh (guitar), Bob Brennan (bass), John Macaluso (drums).
You can find more info and full album stream at: http://www.voicesofextreme.com/

Written by Natalia Gronowska