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verona lights a weightless descent review

Verona Lights’ ‘A Weightless Descent’ – Album Review

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Melbourne, Australia isn’t really a hotbed for musical artists, especially in the Alternative Metal scene. However, that is about to change if the members of Verona Lights have anything to say about it.

Formed in 2011, this four piece band is starting to get noticed a bit around the globe, and for good reason. Their debut CD, A Weightless Descent, which was self-engineered, mixed and mastered, has just been released on Amazon and iTunes and offers a new facet to the genre.verona lights a weightless descent review

The CD opens with the instrumental “Benvenuto”, which is essentially just an introduction to “The Delusional”. These two songs are reminiscent of 90’s guitar based female led alternative bands such as Jale. While not as heavy as some of the other songs on the disc, they do offer the listener a good taste of what is to come.

‘In the dead of the night I will get inside your brain.’ Sarah Douglas sings during the chorus of the third track Rush. These words are prophetic since after the song ends it is difficult to get the melodic chorus out of your head. This heavier track is where the band is at its best.

Verona Lights’ “Karoola”

verona lights a weightless descent review“Water Colour”, the bands first single, picks up where “Rush” leaves off. This song doesn’t have the catchiness of some of the other songs on the CD, but it is a solid song that fits nicely on this record. The next song, “A Weightless Descent”, brings the tempo down a bit and treats the listener with an interesting guitar riff that expands and changes throughout the song. The distortion laced chorus seems a little bit off at first, but starts to make sense after a couple listens.

“Aligned” blenkds in with the previous song and features a spoken voice. The slow, atmospheric song seems out of place on this CD, but shows that the band isn’t afraid to take chances. “Calling” gets the record back to the alternative metal genre, but might be a little too generic for most listeners.  Luckily that generic sound doesn’t last and with the next song we are given the magnificent Le’zout. “Karoola”, a fan favorite, is the track where the band shines musically. The guitar work on this song is truly inspirational. The production on this track is the best on the album as well.

verona lights a weightless descent reviewThe next two tracks are marked Explicit, but it is hard to understand why. “Object of Desire” is clearly dealing with the topic of sex, however the most offensive lyrics are let me feel your love, I want to feel your lips upon my skin. The other song “Mkdelta” doesn’t appear to have any questionable lyrics, but the title and subject matter in the song refer to a mind control project in the CIA.

The CD ends with “Let It Fill Your Lungs”, a radio friendly song that could be an alternative metal hit if released properly. The strategy of ending with this song is a good one and will keep the listener interested in learning more about this band. Fans of Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation and In This Moment should take notice of Verona Lights, since it’s not hard to imagine them being spoken of in the same breath as these bands in the near future.

Written by Adam Gibson

OurVinyl | Contributor