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Vampire Weekend’s “I Think Ur A Contra”

Song Of The Day

Song: “I Think Ur A Contra”

Artist: Vampire Weekend

Album: Contra

Contra, when used as a noun, is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as a member of a guerrilla force in Nicaragua that opposed the left-wing Sandinista government (1979-1990), and was supported by the US for much of that time.

Contra is also a Latin preposition meaning “against.”

‘I Think Ur A Contra’ is by Vampire Weekend and is today’s Song Of The Day.

The opening lyrics start you off on a journey, “I had a feeling once that you and I could tell each other everything for two months, but even with an oath—with truth on our side—when you turn away from me, it’s not right.”  The jungle of melodies that follow are only complimentary to this journey that catapults us to the final idea, “I think ur a contra, and I think that you’ve lied.”

‘I Think Ur A Contra’ is the final song on Vampire Weekend’s second studio album Contra, released in January of 2010.  Emotionally and musically it is the most stripped down song on the album.  To say it is enigmatic is an understatement.

By Natalie Kontur