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Users’ Choice: August 2012

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Ah, user feedback. Something to be dreaded by the stereo-typical customer service departments of the world, but also something we are fortunate enough to be able to embrace here at OurVinyl, often with smiles on our faces. You guys (our readers) have great taste in music, so when we ask for your input on content, we’re never disappointed.

Last week, we had the idea to post the following question on Facebook, “What are you listening to today? Post a song below and share. We will take the most ‘liked’ tracks and make an article out of them!”. Well, you kept your end of the bargain, so now we’re keeping ours. Here are your most ‘liked’ tracks posted for the first week of August, 2012.

1. Avett Brothers – ‘Live and Die’
Posted by Katie Pennell. This song is off of the Avett Brothers’ new album, “Carpenters”, which is set to release on the 11th of next month.

2. The Lumineers – ‘Big Parade’
Posted by William Calcote. ‘Big Parade’ is off of The Lumineers self-titled album. Thanks William!

3. Langhorne Slim & The Law – ‘Past Lives’
Posted by William Calcote. Supremely underrated song from one of our favorite bands that we’ve ever covered on Enchanting lyrics, awesome melody, great tune. Thanks again Will.

4. Ponderosa – ‘Navajo’
Posted by Justin Wesley. A great up and coming band. You can download this song free by clicking here.

5. Paper Lions – ‘Ghostwriters’
Posted by Brian Houseman. Hailing from Belfast on Prince Edward Island (Canada), this song is off of their album “At Long Creek”. Check out this acoustic version of the track filmed by Southern Souls.

Posted by Chris Butsch (Nashville, TN). This is just hilarious and horrifying all at once.

Thanks for your input everyone! Let’s do this again sometime…

Written By:
Jordan Schneider | Co-Founder