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Umphrey’s McGee’s “Glory”

Song Of The Day

Song: “Glory”
Artist: Umphrey’s McGee

There are many faces to the Chicago-based band Umphrey’s McGee. At most concerts, guests will hear some heavy metal (“Wizard Burial Ground”), some poppy songs (“Women, Wine and Song”), dance-oriented jams (“Cemetery Walk”) and of course, a goofy, unusual, but entirely awesome cover (the Boss’s “I’m on Fire,” TLC’s “Waterfalls” and “The Joker” with Biz Markie were my most recent favorites).

While Umphrey’s can play a variety of parts, the reason they have so many followers might be because of their undeniable ability to create a beautiful composition and jam it out, building up the tension and releasing it with incredible precision. “Glory,” performed here at the Barrymore Theater, is a prime example of Umphrey’s ability to just blow minds.

By Grace Beehler