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Type O Negative’s “Black No. 1”

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Halloween is a week from today, so it’s about time we have a song to get us in the mood for this spooky time of year. Goth Metal legends Type O Negative are the perfect music for this macabre holiday, with creepy organ fills and Peter Steele’s unmistakable voice that shifts seamlessly from a baritone Dracula to classic metal scream. This is one of their best tracks and shows off all the different sides the band offers: catchy melodies, brooding goth musings with tongue-in-cheek humor, searing guitars and screams manly enough to make anyone flash the metal sign. \m/

Type O Negative’s “Black No. 1”

Taken from the band’s third and arguably best album, Bloody Kisses, “Black No. 1” (named after the hair dye) pokes fun at goth culture, describing a girl who can’t go out because her natural hair color is showing…she must die it black! Plus there’s mention of Hallow’s Eve, Trick or Treating, and even Nosferatu. Take listen and get into the spirit of the holiday!

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer