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Two Door Cinema Club “Next Year”

Song Of The Day

After exploding nearly three years ago onto critic and fan radars alike, Two Door Cinema Club is back with Beacon on Glassnote Records, and it starts right where 2010’s Tourist History left off. The Irish trio manages, however, to cut through the compressed, blippy, synth dance haze they’ve become known for and transcend into a less polished, more full sound. That’s not to say they’ve abandoned their style altogether though.

The albums opener, “Next Year” is sprinkled with some hypothetical longings of a relationship that will most likely not last. “Maybe someday you’ll be somewhere talking to me as if you knew me” is the tone of the chorus in which Trimble’s vocal octave harmony coalesces perfectly with the albums programming. (Also done by Trimble.)

Although there are no instantaneously recognizable hits such as “I Can Talk” or “Something Good Can Work” on the album, Alex Trimble’s voice is so clean that it can pierce through any musical archetype, which allows his band mates the musical breadth to do just that on “Next Year” and the rest of the album.

Beacon is out now.

Written by:
Bryan Fauth | OurVinyl Contributor