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Twelve A.M. Flowers’ “Dark Rose”

Song Of The Day

Twelve A.M. Flowers  is an indie band out of NYC that play a brand of progressive yet accessible & toe-tapping indie rock. They seem to take a little bit from the rock of the last few decades, with a bit of contemporary New-York gloss on top of things. They have one full length album Curiously Immortal, as well as a couple solid singles since then.

“Dark Rose” is one of those singles, and it’s brand new (was released this month actually). Starting with swelling synths, a quick-walking drum beat comes in as well as the pleasantly waxy and fleecy vocals, which are present and discernible – making this song very sing-a-long friendly. One can hear a little bit of new-wave, a little bit of Spoon-style indie undertones, and that aforementioned NYC sheen on top of it all. You could play this at a party, or enjoy it while quietly sitting on your subway ride, it has that kind of well chosen tempo.

It will be very interesting to see where this band goes. Enjoy!