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Tweaker’s ‘Call The Time Eternity’ – Album Review

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If you were to talk to any fan of industrial music, you would probably be hard pressed to find that they were not familiar with the name Chris Vrenna. Vrenna has played drums for Nine Inch Nails, was a keyboardist and drummer for Marilyn Manson, was a touring drummer for KMFDM, and has worked as a producer, re-mixer, and engineer for numerous other bands that include Rob Zombie, Lords of Acid, Metallica, Megadeth, Rammstein, etc.

tweaker call the time eternity reviewTweaker is the name given to Vrenna’s solo outlet when he is not busy collaborating with other artists. The musical offerings of Tweaker are an interesting blend of rock, synthpop, jazz, metal, electronic, and experimental.

With “Call The Time Eternity”, Vrenna has created a soundscape that plays out like an eerie industrial soundtrack. “Areas of the Brain” features Vrenna on vocals and is the stuff nightmares are made of with Vrenna’s creepy laugh and repetitive lyrics. The album also features vocals from Jessicka Adams of Jack Off Jill on “Nothing At All” and KaRIN of Collide on “Grounded”. Both of these tracks are moody ethereal pieces that grind with raw emotion from beginning to end. “Getting Through Many a Bad Night” almost has a hip hop feel with its bouncing beats while still remaining in the industrial flow of the album with the hum of the synthesizer. Vrenna even manages to throw a little surprise into the mix with a cover of Phil Collins’ “I Don’t Care Anymore”. For me though, the standout track on the album is “This Is Ridiculous”. Despite being one of the shortest tracks on the album, this track plays out like a freaky, fun, and chaotic nursery rhyme.

“Call The Time Eternity” is definitely a creative step forward for Vrenna, and whether you like his music or not, he has proven himself as a driving artistic force not just within the industrial music scene but music in general.

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Written By Tim Lawler

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