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tUnE yArDs’ “Gangsta”

Song Of The Day

Song: Gangsta

Artist: tUnE yArDs

Album: W H O K I L L

Combining intricate looping, creatively raw vocal effects, African-rhythms, American-pop sensibilities and hip-hop like lyrical aspirations the tUnE yArDs have really created something funky here. Today’s song is Gangsta, off of the tUnE yArDs brand new LP “W H O K I L L”. These two, lead by loop-mastermind Merrill Garbus, have always been into using complex and different rhythms that are then mixed with wild-but-catchy vocal styles and effects. Yet in their new album they have really perfected balancing their unusual and powerful musical-influences, and this is well displayed by the playfully aggressive Gangsta. Just try getting this song out of your head. Enjoy!