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Trentemoller’s “Moan”

Song Of The Day

Trentemoller isn’t your traditional electronic artist, in a most wonderfully simple way. His first objective isn’t to make the listener dance, it’s to entice and entrance them with good, audiofile-friendly, music. The man still wants you to be able to groove to his sounds, no doubt, but he wants you to enjoy the music primarily. In a way that you would want to turn it on in the car, while working at the coffee shop, chilling with a book, or wildin’ out at a party.

Today’s song, “Moan”, is a slow builder – but you’ll enjoy the build. It’s complex, dark, brooding, but with an undertone of optimism hidden within the wispy vocals. Then about 4 min in, everything widens out, the gritty electronics move in along with an energetic snare hit. Then things just kinda let loose. The beginning of the song and the end are quite different, and that is great. It’s not about a hook, a chorus, or some repeating chord structure – it’s about taking you on a sonic journey via electric sonics.

Enjoy the ride.

trentemoller -moan by tckN