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torres live bandTorres is a Nashville-based act led by singer/songwriter Mackenzie Scott. Created in 2012, Torres’ gritty over-driven style creates a raw and encapsulating(almost emotional) experience for the listener.

“I wanted this record to be the most honest version of itself that it could be,” 22-year-old McKenzie Scott says, “and ultimately that meant that it needed to remain unpolished and fairly raw. I left in a few imperfect vocal takes because I thought it sounded more human that way.” In an age where pitch correction is used too often, and music is often sequenced by a computer instead of played by real musicians, you’ve got to love this attitude. With so many post-production tools at recording studios’ disposal today, sometimes it can be hard to tell what a musician or band is really made of. A glimpse of the authenticity and raw nature of Torres’ first album was captured during our session with them at Marathon Music Works in Nashville, TN. You can watch live versions of “Honey”, “Moon and Back”, and “Mother Earth, Father God” by clicking the link below!

If you like what you hear, you can purchase their album here, and see their tour schedule here.

(Watch all three videos with Torres at this link: )