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Toro y Moi’s “New Beat”

Song Of The Day

It’s day 6 of our chillwave featured week, at least in terms of the songs of the day. Today’s song, “New Beat”, is from one of the indie realms most popular contemporary chillwave artists, Toro y Moi. The floating vocals, usually periphery aspects in other songs, are central here. They also set the emotive tone, a very popular tactic both of Toro y Moi’s, but of chillwave artists in general. There are a couple stellar mini-breakdowns of sorts, in which one should pay attention to hear the frolicking waxy synth lines that sound straight out of 1978. There is little dynamism to the number, you just kind of cost on a cozy plateau of mellow funkiness.

It’s Saturday night, so put on some relaxing – but toe tapping – music while you dress up for your Halloween-themed evening. Rage safely everyone!

aksreview – Toro Y Moi – New Beat by alecksander-torrez