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Toro y Moi: “Still Sound”

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Artist: Toro y Moi
Album: Underneath the Pine
Song: “Still Sound”

Toro y Moi, a one piece outfit consisting of Chazwick Bundick, has stirred up a bit of noise for himself in 2011 with the release of his sophomore album, Underneath the Pine. While many feel comfortable categorizing him as “chillwave,” Bundick believes that he’s since moved away from the genre, and that chillwave was really nothing more than a group of artists who coincidentally started their careers making a similar sound. That’s not hard to believe, as Bundick is good college buddies with fellow contemporary Washed Out.

It’s easy to see how Toro y Moi is spreading his wings. Underneath the Pine shows more of a indie rock side to Bundick, with plenty of nuances to make his sound particular to himself. Take this track for example, “Still Sound,” where Toro y Moi shows off a bit of his funky side. Of course, much to the approval of his earlier fanbase, Bundick can’t stray too far from his roots. There’s plenty of chilling to be done on this track too. Enjoy.

Written by Dean Goranites

Toro Y Moi – “Still Sound” by Carpark Records