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Tori Amos’ “I Don’t Like Mondays”

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Artist: Tori Amos
Song: ”I Don’t Like Mondays”
Album: Strange Little Girls

How do you take a depressing song and make it even more depressing? Have someone with gut-wrenching emotion in their voice cover it with all the seriousness of a funeral. Originally a Boomtown Rats song, “I Don’t Like Mondays” has a message obscured a bit by his almost cabaret-like delivery with cheesy backing vocals.  Amos does nothing of the sort, stripping the song down to its very essence, leaving the song in the capable hands of her fragile voice and soft organ-sounding keys. It’s a song from her fairly depressing covers album Strange Little Girls. But don’t be put off by the depressing tag, it’s a stunning record and a must-listen. Take a listen and try not to be heartbroken.

It’s more than just not enjoying the beginning of the week in this song. It about a troubled young girl that starts a school shooting. It hard to believe that a song of such a gruesome topic was in the pop environment in the 80s when most of the songs we hear from that era seem to be lacking in true grit or substance. But Amos understands the difficult nature of the song and handles it deftly. Despite what you may think of her original material, the woman is always capable of delivery an incredibly impressive cover that at times strikes truer to the heart of a song that the original ever did. This song is proof.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer