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Tori Amos’ “Cool On Your Island”

Song Of The Day

Song: Cool On Your Island

Artist: Tori Amos

Recorded Live in Rome in 2009

Today’s Song of the Day is from faerie goddess Tori Amos. The song ‘Cool On Your Island’ was originally released by Atlantic Records in 1988 as a single when Amos was in the band Y Kant Tori Read. The song had no critical acclaim and therefore was stopped dead in its tracks before a proper video was made. Basically the album was a flop and the band did not last. However, as a solo artist, Tori Amos is about as successful as they come. This song is not an easy find, but is often performed as a favorite by Amos on tour.

The song can be found on a B-Side of a promotional CD single issued for the Phil Collins song, “A Groovy Kind of Love.” Tori has often shared the story of how the song saved her from jail time while travelling in Germany. She and a friend were detained by police officers with marijuana on their person and she explained to the cop that she was a musician and her music was on a Phil Collins CD. At the time, he was extremely popular and a favorite of the policeman, so the duo were let go.

The song itself is crushingly sad and speaks volumes about a female perspective. It’s a mellow start to the day, but take a listen anyway.

Written by Natalie Kontur