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Tool’s “Rosetta Stoned”

Song Of The Day

Song: Rosetta Stoned

Artist: Tool

Album: 10,000 Days

People sometimes focus so intensely on the singles of a popular band like Tool that they forget about the quirky album tracks that really make this band the unique beast it is. For that very reason today’s song of the day is “Rosetta Stoned” from 10,000 Days. On first listen it can be overwhelming, Maynard talking in what sounds like a rambling mess. But after repeated listens the humor of the song sinks in—a redneck character in the hospital after what he believes was an alien encounter, trying to describe it to the doctor. But with lines like “Deadhead chemistry” and “y’all sound like Peanuts parents” it’s apparent that it’s a piss-take, the likes of which hasn’t been heard since “Disgustipated.”

Tales of “somniferous almond eyes” shouldn’t be the only focus here. This song has complex polyrhythm and fantastically melodic guitars and singing. In laymen’s terms, it just plain rocks hard. So if you can appreciate metal with a sense of humor and are intrigued by giving Tool a chance to show you a totally different side than the “Schism” or “Vicarious” paradigm the radio shoves on the world, give this track a listen and enjoy.

By Jarad Matula