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Tomahawk’s “Stone Letter”

Song Of The Day

It’s been eight long years since the release of Tomahawk’s last album and for fans of Mike Patton’s super group, eight years has been far too long.

The band returns with a new line up and a brand new release, “Oddfellows” on January 29th on Patton’s Ipecac Records label.  Patton, joined by Duane Dennison (Jesus Lizard, The Legendary Shackshakers), ex-Helmet drummer, John Stainer, and replacing Kevin Rutmanis on bass is longtime Patton contributor, Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Peeping Tom)

The first single off the album is the very catchy rock track, “Stone Letter”.  The song  is a classic Patton rock track, and it’s a more traditional rock and roll piece, so for those who tend to get scared away by Patton’s more experimental music, fear not, this Tomahawk album seems like a pretty straightforward rock album.

Written by Christina Lawler