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Tom Waits’ “Bad as Me”

Song Of The Day

Today’s Song of the Day is the title track “Bad as Me” from Tom Waits latest release of the same name.  And when it comes to Waits’ music, love him or hate him, the man has staying power, releasing his 17th studio album late last year.

Trying to explain Tom Waits to someotom waitsne who has never listened to anything spanning his 30 some-odd long career can be a complex task.  There is no middle ground with his work, it’s either love it and want to hear more or wonder what the hell you are listening to in the first place.

“Bad as Me” is the title track of the latest album and is in essence of all that is representative of Waits’ long standing body of work.  The song is catchy, quirky, wild lyrics that seem to just flow and infect the soul.

So, take a chance and give it listen and perhaps today’s Song of the Day will create another fan.

Written by Christina Lawler

Tom Waits’ Bad As Me