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Toh Kay: Watch It Crash

Song Of The Day

Artist: Toh Kay
Song: “Watch it Crash”
Album: Streetlight Lullibies

Toh Kay, alias of lead man Thomas Kalnoky of Catch-22 and Streetlight Manifesto fame, is more of a side act than a full fledged musical effort. While Kalnoky has spent the majority of his music career working alongside an ever-rotating cast of band members, it’s widely known among fans that all of Streetlight Manifesto’s catalog was written by the guitarist and singer, whose emotion and energy has been drawing crowds since 1998.

Just recently, Kalnoky has been touring small shows under the name “Toh Kay,” performing well known Streetlight and Catch-22 songs solo, acoustically. While many fans were lead on to believe that this was just a short stint of fun for the singer before he went back in the studio with the band, most were surprised when just this past November, the Streetlight Manifesto website announced the release of a solo album by the artist. While no original tracks made the cut, (no surprise to fans of Streetlight, who is notorious for lengthy gaps between releases) these acoustic tracks still offer a new take worth listening to. Check out “Watch it Crash” below, and let us know what you think about the new sound.

Written by Dean Goranites