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Young Blood

Song Of The Day

Today’s Song of the Day is “Young Blood” by The Naked and Famous, who hail from New Zealand, and is off of their LP “Passive Me Aggressive You.” It is a song from a relatively unknown band, that surely won’t be unknown on this side of the Pacific for too much longer. Their sound is one that fits well into the contemporary indie electro-rock movement, which just keeps gaining steam with the likes of Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun, The Big Pink, MGMT (their first LP), etc. In “Young Blood” we find a gritty stomping drum line, highlighted by a stepping synth-piano line, which is reinforced with the catchy (but often hard to discern) female vocals (which are effected and chorused in a quasi-passion pit like manner).

But within this song, as in their first LP, their is a dynamism to the energy level which makes the crescendos more meaningful. They know how to use valleys and peaks, as opposed to plateaus, to keep the listener enticed. It makes for quality dancing music, or headphone music. And who wouldn’t want the best of both worlds? So give it a listen and see what these guys from down under can bring to the table…