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Song Of The Day

About this time a year ago, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros were just beginning to gain some recognition and radio play from their debut album Up From Below. After a steady year of touring including several of the major summer festivals, “Home” became one of the most contagious hits of 2010; bringing out the inner-whistler in everybody, for better or worse.

A follow up to Up From Below won’t be out until the latter part of 2011 (although the Magnetic Zero’s did just release a live iTunes Session with one unreleased track about a month ago) but for those who need another laid-back whistling tune stuck in their heads here you go. Lead singer Alex Ebert has dropped the rest of the Zero’s for his solo debut, Alexander which is set to come out on March 1st. The song “Truth” has been floating around for a few months now but it’s good to see that this track will be joined by others for a full LP.

“Truth” retains many of the qualities found in Up From Below, but with a much more subdued approach. The song seems to evoke something out of a Western soundtrack with Ebert’s distinct voice sermonizing right over. The most difficult part of this track is trying refrain from immediately playing it right after. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros have shown that they can make weird work; and this preview of Alexander certainly follows suit.