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Off The Ground

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Song of the Day: Off The Ground By Citizen Cope

His lyrics are simplistic and lovely.  The gist of the song is no matter where you go, you’ll be far from the place where you came.  One way or another, you always go back—or at least you will always belong back there.  No matter what.

‘Off the Ground’ is off the Rainwater LP, which was released at the beginning of 2010.  In the cold of winter, Citizen Cope’s easy beats soothe your mind and bring about warmer days.

Citizen Cope, aka Clarence Greenwood, grew up in Memphis, TN.  He’s moved up the coast from DC to Brooklyn, where he currently resides.  Greenwood busted out in the music scene in 1997 but didn’t actually release a record (Citizen Cope) until September of 2002.

Listening to a Citizen Cope album, it’s difficult to place his style.  He runs the gamut from soul to blues to hip-hop to hints of reggae.  None of these descriptions or songs, for that matter, disappoint.  His draw really is in his vulnerability lyrically and his raw musical accompaniments.

Do your soul a favor, download this song by clicking here, and search out the rest.

By Natalie Kontur