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Like it has in many other industries across the world, the internet has emerged as one of the most influential aspects of the music industry, and many artists these days have achieved legitimate notoriety with nothing more than a free music video for fans to pass around and enjoy.

Such is the case for Duck Sauce, a two-man group comprised of American-born producer/DJ Armand Van Helden, and DJ A-Trak, the well-accomplished Canadian mixmaster, notorious for his long time position as personal DJ of the world-famous Kanye West. The two came together in 2009 to form the group, releasing several singles (‘aNYthing’, ‘You’re Nasty’), and after debuting ‘Barbara Streisand’ at Winter Music Conference in 2010, they have taken the internet by storm with a ultra-hip, New York based viral video featuring some of the biggest names in music.

The video, shot in a collection of NYC hotspots, carries cameos from hip-hop royalty like West, ?uestlove, and DJ Premier, as well as a talk-boxing appearance from P-Thug (one half of the group Chromeo, in which he is partnered with A-Traks older brother David Macklovitch) and spotted appearances from a goofy Streisand look-a-like.  The video travels from studios to parties to apartments (West was shot in his own NYC loft), to the tune of a repeating vocal sample, which gives Duck Sauce’s many collaborators an open canvas to add their own twist.

Combined with the genius minimalism of the track itself, the video has propelled Duck Sauce to worldwide success, and given them an opportunity to transform what once seemed like a fun experiment into a legitimate music act for years to come.  Perhaps the Streisand impersonator puts it best, as she claims in one of her appearances, “Everybody loves Duck Sauce! Is this amazing, or is this amazing?”

Written by A.J. Heindel