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Toadies: City of Hate

Song Of The Day

“Would you trade your neighbors and your friends for some shade? That’s the city we live in,” sings frontman Todd Lewis on the opening song “City of Hate” off their recently resurrected “lost album” Feeler. The song starts off slow and with a thumping beat and builds to a swirl of echoing chaos as he exclaims, “I’m a model citizen!” The guitars buzz and jangle in a catchy and propulsive way, setting up the fun and energy of the rest of the album as someone in the background mutters, “set it on fire!”

Whether you’re new to a city and it feels like an alien, hostile place or you’ve lived somewhere too long and every flaw of the place seems to eat away at your being, the sentiment of this song is one everyone can relate to. That’s the beauty of a Toadies song: it’s a fun rock song with guitar lines that begged to be played in the air and lyrics are fun and cathartic to sing along to. Just like good ole fashioned rock and roll should be.

It should be noted that their hometown is Dallas, Texas so that’s probably the city they’re referring to, if it’s an actual place he sings of. Have you been there? It’s a brutal concrete jungle and he’s right, there’s not much shade. Just kidding Dallas you know we love you…

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer