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Time (Pink Floyd Remix) by Pretty Lights

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Song: Time (remix)

Artist: Pretty Lights

Album: unreleased

Three years ago, Pretty Lights Music was an upstart music project of a kid from Colorado, who had just dropped out of college (at University of Colorado at Boulder) to focus more heavily on his productions.

Today, Pretty Lights Music is not only the largest electronic act in the US (not named after a mau5), but is an aspiring music label that just released debut albums from two new artists. Pretty Lights itself also released a set of three EP’s in 2010, and after selling out every tour date of the year, Smith and drummer Adam Deitch counted down the New Year with a show at the Chicago’s Congress Theatre.

During this show, Smith (who writes and produces all of the music himself) debuted several new tracks – one original mix, and several new remixes – most notably a heavy drummed, glitch-hop rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Time”.

Smith took the moniker “Pretty Lights” from a Pink Floyd poster that he saw while in high school, but its doubtful that he knew what Pretty Lights Music would become today – but he’s probably had this remix brewing in his creative tank for sometime.

The mix combines the genius of Smith’s music with the beauty of the original recording by Pink Floyd. The classic, elegant vocals drift over the top of the guitar melody, warped by Smith and mixed with hard kick drums and intense snares, creating a mixture that is not only one-of-a-kind, but impossible not to bounce your head to.

Look out for more from Pretty Lights in 2011!

Written by A.J. Heindel