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black water

Timber Timbre: Black Water

Song Of The Day

Artist: Timber Timbre
Song: “Black Water”
Album: Creep On Creepin’ On

Time to slow the pace a little bit this week with this beautiful and aching little number from Canada’s lo-fi goth-folk extraordinaires Timber Timbre. The instrumentation in ‘Black Water’ is subtle yet effective with provocative woodwind flourishes and twinkling piano lines. It has a lazy swagger to it, almost a sauntering waltz of despair.

The narrator longs for sunshine and speaks of flaming viking ships and claimed bodies. The macabre imagery in the lyrics is an intriguing pairing with the ballad-like music. In this twisted mind, it’s almost as if it’s H.P. Lovecraft doing lounge music. Bear in mind that’s said as a huge compliment. In fact, that seems like a fairly untapped niche market that assuredly has an audience. Until this genre-bending idea comes to fruition, enjoy a truly unique band and a hauntingly gorgeous song.

Timber Timbre – Black Water by Rise Music

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer