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Song Of The Day

Being Thursday, the unofficial start of the weekend, its time to have some fun. Today’s song of the Day  comes from Sir Lucious Left Foot, a.k.a. Big Boi of Outkast, and is called Shutterbug (ft. Cutty). Big Boi has decided to remind us that there does exist contemporary hip hop that you can bump in a bar/club and is still actually pretty darn adroit & entertaining.

In this track Big Boi – sorry, Sir Lucious Left Foot – raps about an assortment of merrymaking subjects over a simple (yet banging) clap-beat with a catchy vocal-effected hook, which is pleasantly highlighed by an assortment of organic instruments. But it’s really how Sir Lucious emits such quick, articulated, sometimes quasi-serious yet always amusing lyrics which really makes the song. His rhyming almost sets the timing of the song as much as the low end does. In one memorable lyric he tells us he continues to rap, “Not to flex, but to protect my neck like the Wu Tang – self preservation is the rule, when you do aim.” Well the aim was dead on, and self-preservation won’t be a problem while releasing talented & catchy hip hop like this. So let yourself just enjoy this one and get ready for the approaching summer weekend.

p.s. The music-video is actually pretty darn entertaining as well, enjoy…