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Loyal Divide

Vision Vision

Song Of The Day

Loyal Divide is another band that will be playing at the inaugural North Coast Music Festival this labor day weekend in Chicago, and also is the creator of today’s song of the day. Vision Vision comes from their EP “Labrador.” It’s trippy, but contains concise movement. It’s starts off soft and smooth, but roars its head with flashes of violence at times. It may sound electronic, but you can still slightly tell it’s the sound of a full band. You want to sing along, but might be better off humming as many of the words are just slightly, and somehow pleasantly, indiscernible.

In this music video Loyal Divide acts out the part of the white stick figures with a black backdrop, it is not animated in anyway (crazy right?). It’s directed by well-known director BBGun and is truly something you haven’t seen before. If you find yourself digging this sound, which you undoubtedly will, then just remember to catch them in Chicago for the North Coast Music Festival this Labor day weekend.

Loyal Divide – Vision Vision (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.