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Thundercat: “Daylight”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Thundercat
Song: “Daylight”
Album: The Golden Age of the Apocalypse

Back in August, when his debut record had just hit shelves, Our Vinyl featured Thundercat and his trailblazing new style as Song of the Day. Now, fourth months later, Thundercat’s popularity has sky rocketed; it didn’t take long after being signed to Brainfeeder Records for word to get out on the bass playing marvel. Comparisons to British guitar player Jeff Beck and albums such as Wired come to mind, as Thundercat looks to blend jazz, electro, hip hop and more in our modern age of home recording.

Thundercat’s album was entirely performed and recorded by the artist himself, but in this live video we get a look at the backing band that supports on tours. Well filmed and well mixed, this ear and eye candy will leave you begging for more — or maybe, if Thundercat’s smooth style has any influence, just leave you content and smiling. Happy Saturday.

Written by Dean Goranites