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Theory Of A Deadman’s LP “The Truth Is…”

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Artist: Theory of a Deadman
Album: The Truth Is…
Label: Roadrunner Records/604 Records

You need some loud, mischievous rock n’ roll in your life, and Theory of a Deadman made just the record for it. The Canadian band released their debut self-titled album back in 2002, followed 3 years later by ‘Gasoline’ and the Platinum-certified ‘Scars & Souvenirs’ in 2008, which got them a hit song, Bad Girlfriend. The group has been touring alongside some of the biggest names in business (Godsmack, Mötley Crüe and Stone Sour, among others). About to start the Carnival of Madness tour (with Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry, Adelitas Way and Emphatic), the rockers have just released their fourth album, ‘The Truth Is…’. It has some strong attitude, fun music and interesting lyrics. The band’s sound has become more stable and defined by now, allowing the group to experiment a little with different instrumental arrangements.

Opening the album is the first single, Lowlife. It’s a good rock party tune and kicks the record into gear. Following it is a rather varied selection of songs. One of the most captivating pieces is Hurricane. The beautiful violin parts are truly moving. It’s a great example of using a different sound to create the tone of the song. The amazing violins add emotion and evoke the true spirit of this piece. Another song enhanced somewhat by additional instruments is Bitch Came Back. The horns gave the tune a jazzy spin, making it more powerful musically, but also giving it some mischievous character, in keeping with the lyrics. A similar idea was successfully used in the song Gentleman, turning it into a fun and catchy number.

On the second half of the album, there are still a couple of loud songs. The Truth Is… (I Lied About Everything) is a fast and fun piece, and the candid lyrics with melodic chorus will surely have the crowds singing. Drag Me To Hell on the other hand is more intense, it has some mean riffs and heavy sounds. Towards the end, the record turns increasingly serious, featuring emotional ballads such as What Was I Thinking and Easy To Love You. The two songs are less intense in attitude, both in sound and lyrics. The conclusion to the record is We Were Men, a ballad about the armed forces.

There are quite a few ballads on ‘The Truth Is…’. Even though the record has some fast party songs, the album is predominantly rather steady-paced and melodic. Then again, when TOADM make a loud tune, they DO make a loud tune, so don’t expect it to be a leisurely record. In fact, some of these songs really show that professional musicians can enjoy making their music and create good albums without taking themselves too seriously – just listen to the lyrics! The music is well composed and performed, but still leaving some space for the band to have fun with what they do.

It’s rather difficult to describe ‘The Truth Is…’ in one word. It is a good album with some interesting ideas, rocking tunes and lyrical ballads. And if you’re reading this, then you’re probably intrigued by now anyway, so go ahead and check out the record already!

By Natalia Gronowska