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Theodore – Hold You Like A Lover

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I would say that my folk/alt country, or whatever you would like to call that genre, kick ended, for the most part, about a year or more ago. An acoustic guitar and a sad, dusty voice just didn’t do anything for me anymore. Theordore, a group from St. Louis and personal friends of mine, is a band whose music is so uniquely Midwest and impressively deep in tones and lyrical content. Their first release, “Songs for the Weary” was given to me and, embarrassingly, lost in my car for months. I found it out of its case and popped it in the player to see what it was and found myself pleasantly confused as to who this was. I am actually happy that I didn’t know who it was at first because, for some strange reason, I tend not to give local bands too much of a chance unless I see them live first. Needless to say, that album made a lasting impression.

As of late Theodore has really blown up. The have been busy traveling, gaining a larger following and writing and recording more songs. I received an e-mail recently from Moon Jaw Records, who was distributing Theodore’s new record, announcing said release and declaring that with one simple click I would be granted the opportunity to download the entire album in advance. The upcoming “Hold You Like A Lover” is one truly beautiful record. The wide array of instrumentation, blending harmonies and poetic lyrics are astonishing. It has been perfect at work lately for myself and a few coworkers. If you haven’t heard of Theodore, visit their site and sample some songs.

Check them out at Off Broadway. They will be accompanies by Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra and Andrew Bryant.

Written By:
Michael Forbis