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the wood brothers

The Wood Brothers: When I Was Young

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the wood brothers
Artist: The Wood Brothers
Song: “When I Was Young”
Album: Smoke Ring Halos

Funky and confident, Chris Wood starts the song on his stand-up bass, setting a steady rhythm for the guitar and drums to jump in on. Simplistic instrumentation adds to the folksy feel, but the Wood Brothers’ collective musical talent gives the song a full feeling. In bluesy harmony the Wood Brothers sing about the simplicities of being a kid and how “The older I get, the less I know and the more I dream.”

The Wood Brothers are actual sibs Chris and Oliver Wood. Chris, one of the founding members of Medeski, Martin & Wood joined musical forces with his brother, both of whom had been pursuing separate musical careers for the previous 15 years. Now based in Boulder, CO the duo is gaining momentum and can be seen all over the country this summer. Check them out on tour and at a number of festivals including All Good Festival, DeLuna Fest, Lake Eden Music Fest, and more.

When I Was Young by The Wood Brothers

Written By:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer

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