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The vaccines no hope

The Vaccines “No Hope”

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It turns out there is no better group than The Vaccines to describe the interim turmoil that sometimes happens when you come of age.

On the aptly titled “No Hope” frontman Justin Young sings, “I’m too self absorbed to give it clout” it being a reference to making in depth life observations while being the voice of a generation. Ironically, he speaks, albeit apprehensively, with authority for a generation on the opening track of their forthcoming sophomore album, The Vaccines Come Of Age due October 2nd on Columbia Records.

The song, which has somewhat dark, introspective subject matter, relies on up-tempo guitars and chugging tom toms to sear lyrics involving the plight of being in your early twenties and having, well, no hope, into your head. It wouldn’t appear fitting that a group this young in their career would delve into this territory. Thankfully, they do it with the tact of groups older than them while maintaining the fun factor.

The Vaccines – No Hope by The Vaccines

Written by:
Bryan Fauth | OurVinyl Contributor