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The Twelves Concert

The Twelves @ San Francisco – Concert Review

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The Brazilian group The Twelves, comprised of Luciano Olevira and Joao Miguel, are a live DJ tandem that has a slew of remixes of current and classic tracks. Their performances sound like a current electro dance party with an ode to the disco era. During their live sets, they have even been known to play instruments along with other improvisations to keep their upbeat sets even that much more Twelves entertaining. For nearly a decade, The Twelves have been facilitating amazing dance parties with positive vibes and that feeling was translated into their San Francisco show this past July 20th.

Organized by the folks over at Blasthaus, a Bay Area production group that puts on a number of stellar parties, the event was set at Mighty. Mighty is a club that is known throughout the city for having the best sound. It is a relatively large warehouse type room with high ceilings and plenty of floor space for dancing. Drinks were reasonably priced and the staff was friendly. The crowd was intimate and had a great vibe throughout the place of amiable people ready to dance.

The Twelves had some local support that did not exactly mesh with the typical styling of their genre. The Twelves are known for upbeat house music, often remixing many tracks that anyone can relate to or recognize. However, the DJ that was playing just before the main act took stage was playing mostly underground tech-house that did not reflect the performance to be had. For those walking in expecting a disco inspired party, were tuned into a different sound until the main event.

The Twelves’ 8/5/2012 set (a segment)

TheTwelvesHiRes2This oversight by the DJ was not detrimental to the overall experience of the night, as it provided some downtime and even more anticipation for the crowd. As soon as The Twelves took stage, the entire feel of the place changed, as the dance floor began to fill and people started to move. The Twelves wasted no time jumping into their live set and had the crowd bouncing the whole time. They played a myriad of classic tracks, original remixes featured on their BBC Essential Mix, as well as many new tunes. At one point in the middle of their set, a giant dance circle was formed with a couple of guys showcasing their breakdancing moves. Overall, it is the exact scene that a Twelves party calls for.

Check out some live sets by The Twelves, they never disappoint if you are looking for a good time. When in the Bay Area, keep an eye out for Blasthaus events, as this night proved to be that theirs are some of the premiere shows in the city. Although the club laws in California do not necessarily allow the ideal late night parties (last call at 2), this has no bearing for having a memorable night dancing with friends to nice tunes.

Written by Danny Goodman

OurVinyl | Senior Writer