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The Talking Heads’ “Life During Wartime”

Song Of The Day

Song: Life During Wartime

Artist: The Talking Heads

DVD: Stop Making Sense

New Wave music was a confusing, short-lived era in music that was a direct result of many great musicians. One of these musicians includes David Byrne most popular through The Talking Heads. David Byrne had a corky side that influenced the uniqueness of the band. He contributed erratic lyrics to the band’s songs, and enhanced their live music through various whimsical performances. The Talking Heads music was polyrhythmic music that included instruments such as the bass, drums, keyboards, guitar, Synthesizers, and percussion. They had left-of-center ideas and a unique experimental sound that mixed pop songwriting with sonic dabbling and the music of other cultures. The song of the day is called “Life During Wartime” and is taken from the live 1984 film “Stop Making Sense”. This live performance is one to catch in its entirety for it brings out the Talking Heads style to the fullest.

Written By Marcella Neff