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The Soldier Thread’s “Part of You”

Song Of The Day

Artist: The Soldier Thread
Song: ”Part of You”
Album: Matador

Any day in a shorter week after a 3-day weekend feels like an eternity. Even though it’s less days, everything seems longer and hard. What that calls for is a fun, upbeat song to get your foot tapping and your hips shaking. Today’s song from The Soldier Thread does exactly that, providing deliciously infectious pop grooves over a rhythm almost reminiscent of “Hey Mickey.” Just listen to this and try not to tap along to the beat. It’s a perfect jam for these last remaining days of warm sunny weather.

Having seen them this past weekend at Dia De Los Toadies, it can be verified that this Austin, Texas band are just as fun and exciting in concert, so if they’re ever in your town, make sure to check them out. This is confectionery indie pop at its finest–this is the sort of band that deserves to be on the radio.

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer